Frequently Asked Questions

Although we try to make the process of making website changes as easy as possible, we understand that you may still have some questions.  You are still dealing with computer technology, after all.  Here, we have tried to give a crash course on some of the terminology used throughout our website, and also some clarity on our processes.  Feel free to email us directly with any other questions you may have. Just because it’s not listed on our site, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you with it.

What does that word or phrase mean?

To publish means to make your site live, so everyone can see it. With us, we show you the changes we make before we publish, so you can make sure your customers see what you want them to see.  
Website hosting is the product you need to put your website online.  Without hosting, you could see your website on your computer, but nobody else could.  Website hosting is what holds all of the files for your website.  With us, hosting is free with any monthly plan.  This is not the case with most other website companies.
Website migration is when you move your website from one web hosting company to another.  Many people assume they can do this themselves, but often they can’t.  We offer website migration, and it is free with our more comprehensive packages.
We have a system here in which our website edits are first-come-first-serve. If you subscribe to our “All the Way” plan, your edits will always be completed before people that subscribe to other packages. This line-jumping is what constitutes “Priority Edits”

How do you do it?

We give our customers three options.

Option #1: You can provide us with your current hosting company’s login information, or FTP information.  This will be done through an encrypted, secure form.  We will then make your changes live after you approve.
Option #2: We will provide the updated webpage file to you, and you can contact your host to help you upload it.
Option #3: You provide us with your hosting account login information, or all of your website files. Then you can host with us. We will call you to walk you through this process.

Most web developers charge an hourly rate, and charge an hour minimum. This is not so great when you only need 15 minutes of work.  We don’t make you pay more than what we consider a fair price.
Once we have completed the requested changes, we will give you a URL (link) that you can click on to see the changes.  The link we give you is on our server, so it in no way affects your current site.  After you agree upon the changes, we give you the options to make them live on your site.