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Per Month
  • Cancel Anytime, No Contract
  • One Free “One-Time Edit” Per Month ($228.00/Year Value)
  • Free Website Hosting INCLUDING WordPress ($179.88/Year Value)
  • Free SSL Certificate ($69/year Value)*
  • Ongoing Review with Marketing Update Recommendations*
  • Access to Deeply Discounted SEO copy-writing services*
  • Access to Deeply Discounted Microsoft O365 Email Address
  • Access to Deeply Discounted Yelp!®,®, Google My Business Page® creation with Yearly Update
  • Priority Edits And E-Mail Support
  • Free Daily Malware and Vulnerability Scans with SiteLock* ($119.88/yr value)*
  • Google Submission and Indexing with Google Search Console*
  • Free Website Migration (Up to $150 Value)*
  • Ongoing Free Image Compression for Faster Load Times from TinyPNG*
  • Better Outgoing Email From Website with Amazon® SES (stop email blocking)*
  • Caching, Security and CDN Cloudflare® (faster and safer website around the world)*
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*Free Website Migration is only valid for migrations TO hosting accounts with us, Make Site Changes LLC. We do offer standalone migrations (to another host) here.

*Free SSL is only valid on hosting plans with Make Site Changes LLC. We do offer standalone SSL certificates (to use at a different host) here.